Spectralink 7000

The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio wireless solution is built on the international DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard, providing a cost-effective, highly secure, and reliable wireless telephony solution in an elegant design. Operating at 1.8/1.9 GHz, The modular nature of the Spectralink 7000 Portfolio allows customers to easily expand coverage, voice traffic, and number of users, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes to improve employee productivity, mobility, reaction time, and personal safety.

Spectralink Wireless Server 400

The Spectralink Wireless Server 400 is a single cell solution for small businesses with a need to supply up to 30 mobile employees with a wireless handset. More info

Spectralink Wireless Server 2500

he Spectralink DECT Server 2500 solution is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses. It is a flexible add-on solution that can be assembled to match the exact needs of the individual customer. You get all the features and benefits of the Spectralink DECT Server 8000 solution, but tailored to meet the needs of smaller businesses..... More info

Spectralink Wireless Server 6500

The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 6500 solution consists of a number of different infrastructure elements, which can be customized in accordance with your exact telephony needs today and easily be adjusted to suit any future changes in your organization... More info

Spectralink Wireless Server 8000

The Spectralink DECT Server 8000 is an extremely scalable solution which makes it an ideal choice for medium-sized to large businesses and large enterprises.... More info